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Ed Is A Portal Akron/Family
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Исполнитель: Akron/Family

Название трека: Ed Is A Portal

Продолжительность: 07:31

Добавлен: 2015-05-03

Прослушали: 489


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Текст песни:

Ed is a portal
Ed is a portal
And damned if we don't try

To sort of relinquish the reigns our
Brains their mass has gravity
Pulls us into and away from
Portals such as Fractal Ed's
Mysterioso displacement
Porportioned anti subtle bubble
Gun unarmed the torsos run but they
Cannot grasp, they're brainless foot fast

Past and present
Large and lovely
Static quagmire
Lonely loco
Taco truck of
Mind space plosives

Pliable and potable
Refillable reusable

Ed is a portal
Ed is a portal
And damned if we don't try

Now don't start that shit
That pit-er-pat bit bout
Shamanistic shaker spells and
Alpha beta grammar slides
Water belly floppy drivin
Stoneless skippin' Brother John the
Headless one bathes Baby J the
Chosen one a portal dripped down
From the sun, portals dripping

Ballooning relief
(The) mountains are steep and

Our feet are wet
But then not yet

Our bellies changin' like
Leaves arranged and
Sent to loved ones
Once marked they've begun
To delineate and define space
Gracious gracefully we face up
To leaking sons and
Laser beam guns but

(Primordial mantelope)

Primordial man, the antelope hunter
Made his weapons out of sticks
Thinking drinking from the sun
Her moonbeams birth mercurial babies
Antelopes run free and the sea it returns me

To all of the places that I have known

Now that my body's grown the lonely heart poetry
Droning in hearts becomes songs that all objects
Sing to each other like friends telling stories

It's all the same story
And Ed is a portal

The immorals gently awaken
All possibilities open
Unto one another
And brothers and sisters begin
To see truly through strata

Клип Ed is a Portal - Akron/Family

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