Holly Molly - For Ma Ma OST Савва: Сердце воина - holly molly музыка

For Ma Ma (OST Савва: Сердце воина) Holly Molly
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Исполнитель: Holly Molly

Название трека: For Ma Ma (OST Савва: Сердце воина)

Продолжительность: 04:20

Добавлен: 2016-06-06

Прослушали: 349


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Текст песни:

Turn the volume up
For ma ma for ma ma
Come on and bring the beat
For ma ma for ma ma
And put ur buttoms up
For ma ma for ma ma
I love to feel it naughty
Hey get in the mosh pit
I like ur yellow polo
Flashing in my glasses
I do my dirty solo
Floating on the hot bass
I love the middle cuz of
Ure shaking wild ass
Checking it checking it
Pom Pom I do with my mass...
I drive u little lolo
Keep it hot up to me
For party needa dollar
But for me It's for free
Do u wanna see my color
Do u feel in my hit
Checking it checking it
Pom Pom dancing to my beat
Verse Br
From the top floor I am lalala
If u ready for some more u go lalala
Catch my non stop and we lalala
Love love love love love...
Say my name away babe with in double A
If ur words don't mean a thing u go lalala
Late at night we won't stop and we lalala
Till the morning rocking acid...
U see the billboard foto
Smiling back like it should
And sexy pose on moto
Telling u like u would
I raise my hands to lots of
City lights I'm good
Checking it checking
Pom Pom just like in the hood
Don't say goodbye Kyoto
Devil is in ur bed
And I don't say I'm not so
U know that I'm too bad
I like ur Yoshimoto
Cheer it up don't be sad
Checking it checking it
Pom Pom playing on my pad
Yo come with me
Down one
He's mine
So high
Love tonight
Fantasy about my back in Moscow
Motherfucker gimme
What about my blow
But what the fock do I know
Can we get much higher
And it's all is gonna be like fire
Tonight tonight tonight yeah
We're shining in the sky yeah
And eye to eye together
Flashing in my mind...
Tonight tonight tonight yeah
I promiss that we'll rise up
And eye and to eye forever
On the top so high...

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