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So You Win Again Hot Chocolate
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Исполнитель: Hot Chocolate

Название трека: So You Win Again

Продолжительность: 04:28

Добавлен: 2015-04-06

Прослушали: 503


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Текст песни:

Just to admit one mistake
That can be hard to take
I know we've made them fall
But only fools come back for more
Being the fool I am
I figured in all your plans, darling
Your perfumed letters didn't say
That you'd be leaving any day

So you win again, you win again
Here I stand again, the loser
And just for fun you took my love and run,
But love had just begun
I can't refuse her
But now I know that I'm the fool
Who won your love to lose it all
When you come back, you win again
And I'm not proud to say
I let love slip away
Now I'm the one who's crying
I'm a fool there's no denying
When will my heartache end?
Will my whole life depend on fading memories
You took the game this time with ease
(repeat chorus)

Клип Hot Chocolate - So You Win Again

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