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Исполнитель: jakewolf

Название трека: there's a sale on purple suits at JCPenny

Продолжительность: 03:12

Добавлен: 2015-07-28

Прослушали: 707


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Текст песни:

niggaz be fakin’.
playa hatin’ ridin round with the top down.
gettin shot down.
ya rims may be the shit but you’re broke as fuckin tits.
now you’re livin in the pits of a click startin shit.

you workin in the mall bitch.
you that ballin bitch.
fake it maybe just a little bit.
scrapin down the street like you packin fuckin heat.
you lookin like a player with them covers on your seats.
flaunt it like you got it,

niggaz actin like they ballin.
where the money at? x2

i cant be cool with just being alive.
i got act like a pimp til the day that i die.
ill keep it fly.
ill keep it fresh.
ill keep it hella fuckin tight.
just like a mannequin.

you get your booty from a bill.
a bill you cant be spending.
a hooker named cindy.
you lookin kinda trendy.
you lookin kinda dirty.
unclean and unkempt.
rollin up on 40s to an apartment complex.
you ain’t pimpin hoes bitch! you ain’t high rollin!
the chain around your pencil neck,
borrowed or stolen.
so nigga don’t act like you the shit.
you done met your maker.
the program, fuckin get with it.
cause you ain’t got no paper.
so tell your fucking busted wife that you
really love her.
you might as well stay with the ho.
you won’t get no better.

oh damn! i seen some fuckin shit.
niggaz actin like a fool,
polishin they kicks.
so respect yourself a little.
give yourself some credit.
insteada actin like a fake bitch.
usin up the debit.
you workin at the mall bitch.
you ain’t that ballin bitch.

fake it. maybe just a little bit.
so take your shit for what its worth.
don’t take your shit for granted.
and stop to smell the roses. but not just
where they’re planted.

Клип Jakewolf Theres A Sale On Purple Suits at JCPenny

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