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GTA SA - Паркур Jedi Mind Tricks
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Исполнитель: Jedi Mind Tricks

Название трека: GTA SA - Паркур

Продолжительность: 06:14

Добавлен: 2016-06-06

Прослушали: 598


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Текст песни:

Yeah! Yo, uh,
A lotta rappers try approaching the omen,
My palms are punishin' people while I'm up at the podium,
Pharaohs folding 'em, like washed clothes again,
I'm a vulture when the flow go choke your kid,
Broke, I leave most of them, slow, I keep my motionin'
Eye on the prize,
I silence the wise, with lyrics make a scientist cry,
Making a secret society expose they purpose,
Making 'em unleash info and exploding my surface,
I'm taking my time to birth this, rap entity earthless,
It's show time, there's no time, we ready when the curtain split,
I'm hurting shit, too powerful for painkillers
On the concrete jungle, we walk like trained guerrillas
Untamed, and my niggas is Kane
Kool G, Rakim, combine into one frame
We like the new mecca of immaculate rappers,
Vinnie Paz, call the ghouls, now we back with the clappers.

Verse 2: Chief Kamachi

The man silent, kill him with what I mentally says,
Bloody Fez, choke you like an Indian res
Kamach, animal Turk, sick with a cannibal smirk,
Welcome, this where the murderers lurk,
It's my mind, to make sure that the Sun can work,
Scorch bodies, leave all of your gunmen hurt,
Pharaoh sultans, create a serious cult jam,
And my hand is where the tears of the pope ran,
They stay watching like they keep me on a scope cam,
I'm in heaven with the angels and smoke grams,
You need God, that's why the earth so damned,
International, trying to get my flow banned,
Thats cool, if I dont kick these prayers,
A lot of floods and famine's gonna hit these years,
Kamachi back on the chapel stairs,
Open the clouds, let the thunder clap your ears. (Chyea!)

Verse 3: King Syze

If you wanna put your money up then muthafucka then put it,
for your families sanity man I wish that you wouldn't,
Niggas got nice flows, just don't know where to put it,
And I know your whole life your raps are edited footage,
Hey y'all mixtape niggas couldn't see my plateaus,
All up in my presence why y'all actin bashful,
King Syze cats and any clique they rap for,
y'all little light niggas couldn't feed my shadows,
From, city to city, intersection to session,
What you reflexin, with or without a weapon,
I'm always steppin, Never scared,
But always and forever prepared,
Yeah the ones who drink gas man, is revvin' they gears.

Verse 4: Reef the Lost Cauze

You now rocking with the foulest clique in the continent,
Total dominance, rise to prominence,
In my prime like Optimus,
Stand in astonishment,
Act as conglomerate, an axis of evil,
I know where Osama is, he down in Camp David,
Down and dirty like a damp basement,
The champ must demand greatness,
From himself, or be another contender,
There's 100's of niggas,
Dead left under the river,
From the days of slaves,
To Hurricanes in Orleans,
See my peoples graves floatin amongst,
the waves, there's hell to pay, but
the devil don't take checks,
I try to send a message to God,
his phone don't take text,
I need a new plan, a crook with knowledge,
times is hard homie, why I took them dollars,
Man, my momma got a mortgage,
and my little baby sista' need books for college,
I rob all y'all.

Verse 5: Doap Nixion

Hey yo,
They want the hood in here so they called me first,
I get em rappers Gatorade cuz they ball with thirst, UH!
This is more then music,
but these niggas is mad trash,
that's why the stores refuse em, yo,
I'm out in Georgia goin straight to the block,
I'm seein cats motorcyclin dawg I'm doin the wop,
I'm an OG, I call my Italian niggas a wop,
though they papers aint right but they got weight on the block,
I love em uh,
hand to hand till your hands ache,
I drunk so much syrup dawg I stop eatin pancakes,
Ya niggas cool dawg mines

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