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On The Homefront Stay Gold
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Исполнитель: Stay Gold

Название трека: On The Homefront

Продолжительность: 02:56

Добавлен: 2016-06-06

Прослушали: 313


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Текст песни:

Phone cord wrapped around my wrist it's been like this for nights. Through all the good times the only things I can recall are the fights. Can't you see I'm pushing you away you've been too close for too long, all the time we try to reconcile things always end up wrong. Until the end you held onto my hand I wasn't quick enough to slip away. Laying down right next to you caressing curves from hips to side, not knowing if I should stay or run into the night. So I just self-destruct maybe this blast will be enough. Then you grab the loose end of my sleeve and whisper please don't leave. I'm not strong enough to hold onto this. Only cowards make their choices out of fear. I'm smart enough to hold on to you, I guess it's just my luck... couldn't we have met next year? Just cause I know I'm wrong now doesn't mean I've never felt the thrill of hurting you. Well I think kind of strange that the best feeling I can name is waking up alone. Knowing no one is shedding tears over actions that I choose

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