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Исполнитель: Streamline English Connections

Название трека: Unit 66 - The Eight O'Clock News (80-1)

Продолжительность: 02:53

Добавлен: 2017-01-09

Прослушали: 1332


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Unit 66. the 8 o'clock news. Диктор: Good evening and here is the eight o'clock news. Robert Gibbs, the great plane robber, was caught in Mantino. He was arrested in "///" night club. He's been questioned at police headquarters and he will probably be sent back to Britain. Two British detectives left Heathrow earlier this evening and they will help the police in "////" with their inquiries. In 1978 Gibbs was sentenced to forty years in prison for his part in the great plane robbery. He escaped from Parkwood Maximum security prison in April. Since then he has been seen in 10 different countries. The strike at Fernside engineering in Birmingham has ended after talk between Trade Union leaders and management representatives. The strike began last weekend after a worker had been sacked. He had an argument with a supervisor. Five thousand men went on strike. The worker has now been re-employed. Rick Bostik, the lead guitarist of the Rats pop group, is dead. He was found unconscious in his Mayfair flat this morning.Bostik was rushed to St ... 's hospital, but doctors were unable to save his life. A number of bottles which have been found in his flat were taken away by the police. There's no more news about the famous .... painting "Norfolk Sunset" which was stolen last night from the national gallery. The painting which is worth half a million pounds was given to the gallery in 1975. It hasn't been found yet, and all airports and ports are being watched, cars and trucks are being searched, a reward of 10 000 pounds has been offered for information. Jumbo, the indian elephant which escaped from London Zoo this afternoon, has been caught. Jumbo was chased across Regent's Park and was finally captured at a hot-dog store in Regent's Park road. A tranquilizer gun was used, and Jumbo was loaded onto a truck and was taken back to the Zoo. At the Zoo, he was examined by the Zoo veterenary surgeon. Fortunately, no damage had been done, and Jumbo will be returned to the elephant house later tonight. Jimmy McTabish, the .... striker has been transferred. The contract was signed at lunchtime. He was transferred to the American club, Miami galaxy, for 3 million dollars. McTabish, aged 23, was bought two years ago for a fee of 2 thousand pounds for a Scottish non-league club.

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