HeadWay English course/Pre-Intermediate - The perfect crime - headway intermediate mp3

The perfect crime HeadWay English course/Pre-Intermediate
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Исполнитель: HeadWay English course/Pre-Intermediate

Название трека: The perfect crime

Продолжительность: 04:07

Добавлен: 2016-11-24

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Текст песни:

Alice Jackson is a happily married woman. She loves her baby son, and she adores her husband, Henry. Tonight is her tenth wedding anniversary, and some friends are coming round to have a drink. Everything seems perfect … but … Alice’s life is going to change.

- Hello, darling. Have some beer.

- Sit down. I’ve got something to say… I’m sorry. I know it’s a bad time to tell you. It’s our anniversary. But it’s just that Kathy and I are in love. Bobby won’t miss me, he’s too young.

- I’ll get ready for the party.

- What on earth!!!

- Hello, police please. Hello, is that a police? Come quickly. It’s my husband. Something awful has happened to him.

- Detective Parry, Mrs Jackson. Where is he?

- In the kitchen. Is he all right?

- He is dead.

- No, no, not Henry! My Henry! Oh Henry!
- What happened?

- I was putting the baby to bed upstairs. And I just came downstairs and found him lying on the kitchen floor.

- Burglars.

- Sit down, Mrs Jackson. Sergeant Taylor, get Mrs Jackson a drink. A brandy with some ice. Phew! It’s hot in this room. I hope you understand, Mrs Jackson, that we have to search the house immediately. We must find the murder weapon.

- Yes, yes. Of course.

- What was that?

- It’s this statue, sir. It’s melting.

- Phew! Can I have a glass of water, Mrs Jackson? It’s so hot in here.

- I think we all need one. And with ice.
- Poor Alice!

- Poor Henry! I don’t believe it. What a shock for you!

- Oh, thank you, thank you, Please … stay and have a drink. Help yourselves.

- I wonder what the burglar hit him with.

- Who knows? Mmm…

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