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(OST Школа рока) School Of Rock
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Исполнитель: School Of Rock

Название трека: (OST Школа рока)

Продолжительность: 04:12

Добавлен: 2017-03-16

Прослушали: 820


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Текст песни:

Baby we was making straight A's,
But we were stuck in a dumb daze.
Don’t take much to memorize your lies.
I feel like I've been hypnotisized.
And then that magic man; he come to town.
Whoo wee!
He done spun my head around.
He said, "Recess is in session.
Two and two make five."
And now baby, oh, I’m alive.
Oh yeah!
I’m alive

And if you want to be the teacher's pet,
Well baby you just better forget it.
Rock got no reason. Rock got no rhyme.
You better get me to school on time.

Oh you know I was on an honor roll.
Got good grades and got no soul.
Raised my hand before I could speak my mind.
I been biting my tongue too many times.
And then that magic man said to obey…..uh-huh
"Do what magic man do, not what magic man say."
Now can I please have the attention of the class.
Today's assignment... a hem... kick some ass!

(Chorus x 2)

This is my final exam.
Now you all know who I am .
I might not be that perfect son.
But ya'll be rockin' when I'm done.

Клип Школа Рока "School Of Rock" в Москве - Отчетный концерт учеников. Декабрь 2013 Live

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