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Исполнитель: Skunk Anansie

Название трека: Because of You (New Track)

Продолжительность: 04:28

Добавлен: 2015-03-16

Прослушали: 492


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Текст песни:

Because of you
The tears dead in my eyes
They freeze until I'm blind
The eyes a gift from you

Because of you
The scratches on my face
Will never be erased
By someone else's warmth

Because of you
The winter feeds my heart
While summer blows and burns
My disappearing youth

My looooove is gone
Never feel again
Because of loooooove
I feeeeel nothing

Because of you
I'll never feel again
The agony of pain
Will never bruise or start

Because of you
Our passion tends to lead
With all my lover’s fate
With pieces from my heart

My loooove is done
Never feeeeel again
Because of looooove
I feeeeeeeel nothing

Because of looooove
I feeeeel nothing

Because of you
Because of you
Because of looooooove
I feeeeeel nothing
Because of looooooove
I feel nothing

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