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Cyan Sky Sol Inside
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Исполнитель: Sol Inside

Название трека: Cyan Sky

Продолжительность: 04:01

Добавлен: 2015-03-15

Прослушали: 459


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Текст песни:


You take things as you find them.
I take them as I need.
You despise me for my squalor ,
But I can escape from reality.
You invent absurd wishes,
Which cut me as a knife.
I think it’s time to show you
All the savour of life…

In search for mental pleasure
We hold an overt lie.
It is so easy to be lonely,
When you are in the crowd…
Extremely bitter contempt
Is all that you can find…
When you are upset try to hide
In my perplexed mind…

And all the things I said were faithful, but you don’t follow…
So that is why I was compelled to say goodbye…
The heartfelt promises we gave turned out hollow…
I draw my sorrow in the depth of the cyan sky.

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